The Rocketboom Split

I have to post about this, because it’s all over the news, and because Rocketboom is such a core of the videoblogging world.

Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron have had some kind of personal and professional difference that has resulted in Amanda leaving the show, presumably for good.

At this time, Amanda hasn’t announced where she will go next, or what she will be doing. Andrew hasn’t announced who will replace her, or how the show will change in the future. What is certain is that the show will change, and that both of these individuals are very talented, creative people.

What I hope this means for videoblogging is that, where we had one core, excellent, must-watch videoblog, we will now have two. Of course, we already have hundreds, but that’s neither here nor there. Amanda and Andrew are now “proven entities” in the world of online video, and hopefully they will continue to thrive.

What this means for readers of Videoblogging for Dummies is that references to Amanda in my book will require you to dig through Rocketboom’s archives if you want to see her work on the show, in the future. It doesn’t change the quality of the work done up to this point, though if the book says “Rocketboom is a show done by Amanda Congden and Andrew Baron…” then you’ll have to either gloss over that, or get out a pencil and make a note in the margin so you know it’s not like that anymore.

There is, in fact, a whole category for posts about errata for the book, complete with RSS feed.