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#nerdy9th: NaNoWriMo is Coming! And World-Building!

It’s #nerdy9th, and that means time to share some geek-deep love of something! I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo since 2002, and have written several unpublished novels in the program. Sometimes, I write with a hope of publishing, but mostly, I … Continue reading

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Short Story from Elegy

I wrote a short story, prompted by the Elegy for a Dead World game. It’s called The Ruins of Byron’s World (super-original, I know), and you can check it out here. I also made a project group for when I add … Continue reading

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Follow-Up: Some GREAT Resources for Making Games

So. My post last week sparked some really good discussion among tabletop game creators! Side note: It also hit the twittersphere and was inaccurately associated with video games, which it’s rather explicitly not about. As a result, I received a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Being a Woman and Trying to Make Games

UPDATE (Nov 9, 2014): I’ve written a follow-up post with a bunch of helpful resources that came out of the discussion prompted by this post! Please check those out!  I’m going to write about some of the obstacles I see as … Continue reading

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The Musketgears RPG

I present to you game #3 in my 14 in 2014 challenge! I wrote this in response to Matthew Bannock’s Steampunk RPG contest. This is The Musketgears, a steampunk RPG  set in mid-19th century France, during the reign of Emperor Napoleon … Continue reading

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