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TKGA: Progress at last!

I sat down and wrote some of the answers to the questions. Also this week, I moved on to swatch #4!

Also, I finally checked off “block swatches 1-3 and 14” from my to-do list!


TKGA Progress

I re-knit Swatch #2, this time with K1P1 ribbing (previously I had misread the instructions and did K2P2 ribbing– whoops!):


The back of my stockinette isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have visible ridges, and I think it’ll even out with blocking:


I also made Swatch 14, the cabled swatch:


I think it’s uneven, but it’ll do for now. I probably should have ended after the 4th cable row. Hm. Anyway, this is my first iteration of this swatch. I’m pretty sure I’ll re-do it.

Blue sweater is almost done. I have 11 rows left before grafting the hood together. After that, it’s graft the underarms and cuffs, block and it’s done!

Knitting progress and TKGA

I’ve been knitting on some lace this week. This yellow shawl is from the Blue Jeans Shawl pattern, made with KnitPicks bare laceweight merino yarn, which I dyed myself into the “self-striping” pattern you see here:


Notice the size of the thing. I haven’t blocked it yet, but this shawl is going to be enormous.

I’m also in the Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl Knit-Along, and clue 1 was released last Friday:


Clue 2 was released this morning. I’m knitting this in light grey alpaca yarn and mixing in various aqua and gray beads. It’s actually quite beautiful, but I think it will need to be finished and blocked before its total loveliness is photographable.

No progress on the sweater this week– I’m running into the weight problem– the project is very heavy to hold on my lap (also, I think it’s putting a strain on my needles). I may switch to a different set of needles before I keep going.

John and I started watching Weeds last night, and in the first three episodes, I’ve seen at least three instances of handknitting! Sooo awesome!

Finally, progress on the TKGA project! I re-did swatch #1 completely. I had previously knitted this swatch, but wove the ends in incorrectly, so I frogged for re-knitting. This photo is before I weave in the ends (or block it):


The plan is to block the first 3 swatches once I’m done with them (I still need to re-knit swatch #2).

TKGA: No Progress

Another week of no progress on the TKGA Master program. Last week was very busy– went to the STC conference in Philadelphia, where I had very little time to knit, then we moved up to the Adirondacks. It took us 3 days because we had to check out of one place on Friday, and couldn’t check into our new place until yesterday.

On the road, I worked on the fear sweater– I finished one sleeve and am working on the second. I tried on the first sleeve and my arm almost caught fire. It’s about 100 degrees here this weekend. Yowsa! The sweater will be super-warm when it’s done, though!

Anyway, I’ll be working more on the TKGA swatches this week and next week, including perhaps World Wide Knit in Public day, which is next Saturday. I just didn’t have time or ability this week (no TKGA knitting in the RV– it’s too bumpy and I might make mistakes!)

Please send good, hungry thoughts to my cat. Alladin has not really been eating this week, and although he needed to lose weight, he’s starting to worry me now. I keep telling him he’s had enough dieting and can eat now, but he won’t listen.

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