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Timewatch Buddy Cops!

I ran the first third or so of Kevin Kulp’s Timewatch adventure “The Gadget” last night for my weekly group. It’s published in Behind Enemy Times, the adventure supplement for Timewatch. We only had a couple of hours– we might actually finish the rest of the adventure next week. We’re in a kind of limbo […]

RPGaDay #2: Kickstarter I’m Most Pleased I Backed

The answer to this one, after over a hundred kickstarters, is still Timewatch, but for different reasons than last year. Last year, my reasons for loving this game were fairly simple: it’s an awesome game that has huge potential and an amazingly fun sense of humor in the writing. The setting is evocative but open-ended […]

Timewatch: Little Boy in the Snow, part 1

TO: Dariya FROM: Sarah Connor DATE: August 16, 2098 SUBJECT: Don’t Follow Me D– Got caught in 2098. Underground bunker. Miscalculated Judg Day. Not sure, but I hear rumors that weird aliens are responsible. Don’t know– surface too hot to investigate. Stuck here till my autochron works again– radiation interfering. The machines aren’t smart enough […]

How I write a Timewatch Adventure

This is just my basic formula for writing and running a scenario to run in Timewatch. Step 1: Play Historical What-If  First, I start with an historical “what if” scenario. It might be a cause or an effect. A “cause” would be something that happened and ripples forward in time. This is the most common […]

TimeWatch: Sarah Connor Edition

I ran TimeWatch yesterday afternoon online. It’s a game I scheduled a few weeks ago, and I’ve had a lot of interest– not just because I accidentally sent the Google Hangouts invite to everyone I know on Google+ (about 270 people… oops). Note: It’s still possible to pre-order Timewatch and get the beta rules right […]

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