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Krampus Adventure, Part II

Well, I wasn’t thrilled with how this adventure turned out, but I’ll give the rundown anyway. Between the last session and this one, I drew maps of Baron Tannenbaum’s keep– there were plenty of blank spaces, but they never really got addressed. I made a note about where the vault access was, since it was […]

Bunnies and Burrows

We played Bunnies and Burrows last night, Fate Accelerated style! Bunnies and Burrows is an RPG written in the 1970’s, one of the first RPGs to get away from heroic fantasy and into something non-human. In it, you play a rabbit, as if in Watership Down, and your role is to protect, defend, and help your […]

Doll – Is there a way to run this game in a non-creepy way?

I don’t think so. The game lends itself to creepiness, but in a good way! Doll by Josh Jordan/Ginger Goat Games is a very short minigame that plays in 20 minutes, between two players. One player is the Doll, one is the Child. Last night, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I arrived at […]

All Out of Bubblegum

So, last night, we were scheduled to  play part 2 of the Very Holiday Dungeon World Special. And then, about 15 minutes before the game, I saw on Facebook that one of my players had had a death in his family of someone he was close to and loved very much. This did not bode […]

Krampus in Dungeon World, Part 1

Last night, my Thursday night group got together for A Very Holiday Dungeon World Special. It’s a one-shot adventure (really 2-shot…. we started super late, plus there was the fire), which I wrote as an homage to holiday adventures. We started with character creation and bonds. Our characters for the evening: Alanna – a female […]

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