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Gamex 2016 (Strategicon): What we played!

This weekend, I went to Strategicon, as I do two or three times a year. Memorial Day weekend is Gamex, and it’s usually well-attended and of course a lot of fun. Friday night, I’d pre-registered for a game called Brew … Continue reading

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Orccon 2015 Roundup

I went to Strategicon over Presidents Day weekend, and did some gaming! I brought a friend and fellow gamer along with me, who played in most of the games I participated in (this was his first larger convention, so it … Continue reading

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Strategicon: Gamex 2014. The Games We Played This Weekend

Once again, Mike and I do a post-mortem after Strategicon weekend! This was one of the best gaming weekends for me at a convention– every RPG I played was exceptional, and the worst/most disappointing one I played was actually the … Continue reading

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Orccon 2014: Games We Played at Strategicon

In the car on the way home after Strategicon, I like to talk with Mike about what games we played and how they worked or didn’t wor. It’s a post-mortem that helps me get perspective on the weekend and what … Continue reading

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Strategicon: Gamex 2013 RoundUp

Mike and I went back to Strategicon this weekend for Gamex (OrcCon is in February, Gamex is May, and Gateway is on Labor Day weekend). I previously wrote a round-up of our gaming experiences, so decided to do so again … Continue reading

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