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Steampunk Art

So, a couple of years ago, I backed a Kickstarter for a steampunk artist whose work I really admire. Dale Mathis works in metal and kinetic sculpture, and I really love his stuff. He’s local to Las Vegas and has … Continue reading

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The Musketgears RPG

I present to you game #3 in my 14 in 2014 challenge! I wrote this in response to Matthew Bannock’s Steampunk RPG contest. This is The Musketgears, a steampunk RPG  set in mid-19th century France, during the reign of Emperor Napoleon … Continue reading

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“I cannot prove I am sentient, sir… can you?”

The Martians Are Coming is a new Fate game in a steampunk world, played between me and 2 of my best friends. “I cannot prove I am sentient, sir… can you?” Abigail Stracht, serial # ST-18, voiced the audacious words … Continue reading

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