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Gaming Catch-Up

Not wanting to fall too far behind on my gaming writeups, I’ll do a quick summary post: Wednesday game: We played Time Quest, my Goblin Quest time-travel hack, and it was a lot of fun and resulted in a lot of really good ideas for improving the game. If you want to playtest it, leave […]

Games from the past 2 weeks

This is going to be more of a "gamer note infodump" than "story about our games" post because I’m really short on time, but I need to throw some notes down so I remember them later. Epyllion Played it 10 days ago and didn’t get a free minute to jot down my notes, but I […]

A Letter from Kindel

A letter from Lt. Gwenn Jade to her beloved Marco, the handsome half-devil. Dear Marco, I am like the cat with a canary feather sticking out of her lips! I don’t have any idea what to do with this information, but you’re probably a safe person to brag to. Pride is unbecoming, I know, but […]

6 Months, a Dragon, and a Hellish Kidnapping

My, where does the time go? This is a journal entry from Lt. Gwenn Jade, from the Harriers. Well. We freed a dragon. On Wulthros, while questing for a sword for Tris…. there was… we. Tris went through a portal and, when he disappeared completely, I followed. Emilien went after, though thankfully Ordune and Firiel […]

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