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Ladies League of Invells, Part 2

More notes from my all-woman Inverse World game! Note: Inverse World is now available in PDF format from DriveThruRPG! We spent about an hour on character creation, some updates, and more worldbuilding. Professor A’s player was called into work unexpectedly, … Continue reading

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Ladies League of Invells

On Saturday, I began a new campaign. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but it sounds like my players all want to continue. I invited a handful of women, then a larger handful, until I had 5 RSVP’s for … Continue reading

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Orccon 2014: Games We Played at Strategicon

In the car on the way home after Strategicon, I like to talk with Mike about what games we played and how they worked or didn’t wor. It’s a post-mortem that helps me get perspective on the weekend and what … Continue reading

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Inverse World – Changeleaves are Leaving

I played Inverse World this weekend, which is a Dungeon World setting in which the world is inside the center of a planet, with the sun-god being at its core. It’s very fantastical, with lots of flight, floating islands, and “oceans” … Continue reading

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