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#RPGaDay 6: Most Recent Game Played

At GenCon, I wanted to play an RPG on Sunday at Games on Demand, but didn’t get a chance. So, my last RPG was the one I ran at GoD, Saturday evening at 6. This was my first time running at GoD, even though we’ve done it at Strategicon in LA. The room was huge, […]

#RPGaDay 4: Most Surprising Game

For today’s RPGaDay, I’ll go with a game I played on Saturday at Gen Con, a Cthulhu Live! scenario called People in Your Neighborhood (link to Facebook photo album, because why not). There be spoilers in this writeup, so if you are going to play this excellent scenario by Elder Entertainment… stop reading now.

GenCon 2015: Schedule and Stuff

I’m going to Gen Con this week! If you’re going and want to meet up, here’s what you should know about where I’m planning to be! There are some tips in here about social awkwardness and such; if you are socially awkward or anxious, here’s the user manual to interacting with me. My hair is […]

Making a List, Checking it Twice…

So, this is pretty cool and an example of how I’ve cultivated a community of good people online (yes, it’s an echo chamber. No, I don’t care.) And there’s a call to action at the end, for cis and trans people of all genders. About a month ago, I saw a post on the Facebook […]

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