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Organizing a Public Game

I wrote an article on the ConTessa blog about Organizing a Public Game! It’s a bit logistics/nitty-gritty for organizers of Adventurers League and similar programs. Gleaned from the past 3+ years of organizing D&D at local game shops here in Las Vegas. Go there to read it!

Guest DM for D&D Encounters

This is a quick cross-post to the friend who guest-GM’ed for me a couple of weeks ago. I really like his blog because he gets into some deep intellectual territory, and in this particular post, he applied that to gaming and narrative.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen – sessions 4 and 6

At Empire Games Encounters last night, we ran Hoard of the Dragon Queen, sessions 4 (my table) and 6 (the "level/episode 2" table). Typically, I take the new players or new characters to run them through part of episode 1. This week, I am down a DM, so I had recruited a backup DM (known […]

Dead in Thay: Finale

We ran the final session of Dead in Thay this week, due to scheduling conflicts. So if you’re playing Encounters at another shop, wait a week to read this post. In this final session, the PCs travel to the Phylactery Vault, where Szass Tam has hundreds of lich phylacteries stored, the phylactery jars of his […]

Dead in Thay: the Penultimate Session

We are going to be ending Dead in Thay a week early, due to Comic Con, so I sped up a bit of the campaign. With 3 tables, the second half of the campaign has been going quickly, and we’ve had at least 1 table in the Temples of Extraction for the past 3 weeks. Last week, I […]

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