How does a voice get lost?
Did you learn your silence?
Whatever killed the song
That you once lifted up?

I miss your voice, your cry
I miss the sound of joy
But also of sadness.

I wonder in the dark
I whisper your silence.
Losing you to my ears,
I cannot hear you now.

The silence you have left
Deafens me. Loneliness
Mutes all sound, all silence.
I can’t hear anything.

I miss your voice, your cry.
I miss your song of joy,
But also of sorrow.

Stephanie Cottrell Bryant
April 17, 2003 (or thereabouts)

© 2003, Stephanie Cottrell Bryant. Written by Stephanie Cottrell Bryant. Permission to copy, distribute, share with friends and loved ones is granted, provided the copyright and author acknowledgments remain intact.

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