Love Lives in the Quiet Places

Love Lives in the Quiet Places

Love lives in the quiet places.
It is in a hand, tightly held.
It is in close-scented embraces.
It is the moment when bodies meld.
Love lies in the still, silent times.
It is the good-bye kiss.
And all awkward love rhymes.
Love is that, but it is also this:
Love is frustrating, fiery calls.
It’s passion and fire and stubborn pride.
Love is hard work, breaking down walls.
Love is the truth that can’t be denied.
A great gift it is to marry your best friend.
Love is there now. It does not end.

[Written in commemoration of the wedding of elentar and his new bride, Jeanette.]

Stephanie Cottrell Bryant
May 27, 2003

© 2003, Stephanie Cottrell Bryant. Written by Stephanie Cottrell Bryant. Permission to copy, distribute, share with friends and loved ones is granted, provided the copyright and author acknowledgments remain intact.

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