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Fate Accompli!

Over the past week or so, Johnny has been diligently helping me move my server over to one he has on his co-located servers. I’ve been less than satisfied with Dreamhost, and want to save some $ on top, so a movin’ I shall go.

It takes time, though, and of course everything breaks, so if you’ve seen some weirdness in the past couple of days, it’s partially due to my servers moving and partly due to a third-party technical glitch (which I’ve resolved on my end so you won’t be reading about stretch marks from me anymore).

Meanwhile, a more important accomplishment happened today, one which inspired me to kick back with a beer and a server tonight. I sent Issue #3 to the printer! This is huge news, and comes not a moment too soon (and several too late!) and I’m just thrilled. I’m thrilled because it’s finally done, but also because I sat down and re-read it today in my final proofreading and… I giggled. Out loud. Because it’s still funny, even after all the frustration and delays. It’s still funny and cute and I still like it.

Thank goodness. Because work on Issue #4 is just around the corner!

But not yet, not tonight. Tonight it’s beer and Simpsons and kicking back with my wonderful husband who helps keep everything running.

Dear Internet

Hi, friends.

As you know, I use a Macintosh computer.

As you don’t know but could probably guess, my mother uses a Windows computer. She does not want to switch computers, OS’s, or make big drastic changes to her computing platform.

For security reasons (ie: nobody thinks it’s secure), she is not permitted to install Outlook Express.

Mom would like to upgrade her address book from “un-sortable document in Microsoft Word” to… well, something else.

She would not like something that requires her to be logged into the Internet to work.

Names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses– this is what she needs, and she needs it to run as a standalone application on her computer. Also, it would be really nice if it was not scriptable by any little piece of virus or malware in the world.

What do you recommend?

G1 Phone User Guide

Someday I will write
Online help system in haiku.
No one will read it.

John and I got G1 phones (the Google phone). They’re pretty cool, and hidden in the user manual, in the “Caring for your Phone” section, are little bits of poetic language, just waiting there as gems for the people who actually DO RTFM. Like “Water will damage your phone and accessories – even a small amount such as water droplets from a soda in your car cup-holder, melting snowflakes, tears of joy….”

Precious. Just… precious. I know there are some folks from Google who drop in on my blog once in a while (and if not, I’m sure someone will find this through… a google search!) so, to the technical writing team over at Google: Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

My MacBook Pro is a lemon

I’ve replaced the DVD drive, the battery, and the operating system. On Wednesday, in the midst of Las Vegas’ freak storm, my hard drive started to click like a ticking bomb. Except, ironically, the clicking meant the bomb had gone off.

The hard drive is toast and the computer is at Apple being replaced. Worse, I knew this was going to happen– I’ve been having unexplained hard drive problems for about a year, but at no time when I took it in for the DVD drive or the battery problems did Apple’s geniuses do anything substantive to fix it (even though I said at the time “and I have a current backup.”) I’m not really blaming them, though– I should have done the hard drive replacement months ago. I was waiting until I’d finished the layout on the comic book and had sent it to the printer. I hate having these kinds of tech interruptions and changes in the middle of a production project.

My backup is 12 days old, but almost everything except sent mail is either on a server somewhere, or replaceable. The loss of my screenplay might be a blow, though– I thought I’d been backing it up every day I worked on it, but it turns out that’s not the case.

Anyway, on the one hand, this culminates months of frustration with my computer. On the other hand, it may also inaugurate further frustration, as, after all, this might not even solve the problems, either.

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