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#AprilTTRPGMaker: Days 3 and 4

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Day 3: How did you start?

I made campaigns for my D&D groups. Sometimes, they were good. Usually they were terrible. I still have several binders and folders of them, and this map I was working on for one campaign (Tabula Rasa– the PCs wake up with lots of history, but no memories), which ended when the players stopped enjoying it.

The more recent delve into making games really started about 7 years ago when I decided to start learning how to make games. I started a self-driven apprenticeship in how to make games, with reading lists and blogs to follow. It’s one reason my circles in Google+ include some people who are problematic, though not the worst of the bad actors, thankfully– I’ve paid attention to what happens in OSR as a part of my learning process.

Day 4: Describe your work.

One thing I love in creativity is that mashing two things together can be very fruitful. “Post apocalyptic Toy Story” is a good mashup, and kind of describes Threadbare. I’d say as a game creator, I like to do mashups of genre and ideas– it’s not just “a dungeon where nobody sleeps,” it’s “an adventure where nobody sleeps, and the town is plagued by clowns and other carnival-esque nightmares.”

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