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Oh, I owe someone a big holiday shout out!

Oh, I owe someone a big holiday shout out!

To Jason Morningstar for recommending the Gamescience dice to Tobias Strauss! He tells me he had a secret circle of “Not Stephanie” to get ideas for my Christmas present– and I love the dice!

Expect to see them at the next convention I attend!



Originally shared by Kate Bullock

Here’s what I’ll be playing in 2017! What are your top 10?

Big thanks to all the designers: Sarah Richardson Marissa Kelly Avery Alder Paul Czege Hannah Shaffer Stephanie Bryant Whitney Beltrán Neall Price Matthew McFarland Michelle Lyons-McFarland Jonathan Lavallee Glenn Givens Meg Gameologists Cheyenne Wall-Grimes Stentor Danielson Jason Cordova Rob Deobald Rachelle Shelkey 

If you ever want a bunch of unasked migraine advice, just post for a few days about your migraine, and then about…

If you ever want a bunch of unasked migraine advice, just post for a few days about your migraine, and then about the book you’re reading on migraine prevention.

Advice so far:

* Keep a journal

* Marijuana

* An ear piercing

* Cold compresses and a tile floor

* Breathe into a paper bag

* Avoid all the foods I already avoid (nitrates, aspartame)

* Avoid foods that aren’t triggers


* Avoid light

Note that many of these are good advice. Some are terrible advice. Some are ok for the person giving the advice, but absolutely won’t work for me for various reasons.

Absolutely none of them are new.

O Tannenbaum!

Post-surgery, I was barred by doctor’s orders from lifting anything more than 10 lbs, including my bass guitar. Not a problem– I got a bass ukulele for travel at my birthday, so I was back to bassing as soon as I got home from the hospital!

Before I went in, I’d talked to my bass instructor and decided to perform the Vince Guaraldi Trio version of “O Tannebaum” (you may recognize it from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special). This is a piece I’ve performed on the piano in the past, and was glad to have the opportunity to play it on bass.

The bass line arrangement is by Paul Snyder, my instructor. Andre Anderson is on drums, and Tobias Strauss is on piano. I wasn’t happy with the idea of just performing to a backing track, so I recruited Toby to play the piano with me, and then roped Andre in for what is probably an easy drum part, but he makes it extra hot (I think the prospect of getting to use the brushes was very appealing!) I even convinced them to wear ties and got myself dolled up in a floor-length black dress.

This was probably “overkill” for a student recital, but I really don’t care. I’m in my 40’s now. I don’t need to be performing on the same stage with 6 year olds rocking their first etudes for their proud moms and dads. And yet, I’m proud to share that stage– it makes me happy to perform, happy to bring my “A game” to even the smallest venue. And happy to sit through the rest of the performances and clap for every kid– big or small– who put on their brave face and went up to show us what they’ve got.

That said, this may be my last recital. I may focus on the rock band in 2017, maybe switch to the jazz band in a few months, and look for other opportunities to enjoy my music in an ensemble.

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