Review of “Leslie F*cking Jones” (5 stars): Leslie F*cking Jones is brilliant

This is a memoir. If you come to this book expecting it to make you laugh, you won’t be disappointed. But be prepared also for the tears– Jones’ life has had a lot of challenges, and she understands her role is to make the world look into the darkness and laugh in its face.

I listened to the audiobook, which is even more poignant as Jones speaks with an authenticity and truth that will pull your heart along all the way.

Note: There is a lot of cursing in this book– a LOT of cursing. If you don’t mind the occasional f-bomb but think it’s crass to curse every other word– this book is not for you. Jones says “fuck” the way I say “um,” the way a Valley Girl says “like.” She turns language around in ways that are beautiful and tragic and make you genuinely feel for this other human– but she absolutely does it with a lot of “curse words” on her tongue.

I have known that Leslie Jones was an under-appreciated actor who deserves the best roles, but this book put a more human spin to her and made me appreciate her even more. Much love to Leslie– may she get every role that will enrich her life!

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