Vignette is Done, with a little extra bit

I finished Vignette!

I finished knitting on Saturday night and stayed up a bit late to soak and block the pieces:

2014-11-23 07.39.32

Yesterday, I was kind of anxious to do the stitching up, so when it turned out that the Sunday game had more than enough players, I opted out and headed home.

On the way, I had some inspiration, though. See, Vignette is a lovely sweater, but… I wanted just a touch more to it. I stopped at the fabric store with some inspiration and bought something to match the buttons I already had.

These vintage buttons (40 cents for a card of 3 buttons!) had yellowed a bit over time, to what I’d call "light champagne."

2014-11-24 07.24.20

See those lace ribs along the front of the sweater? The ribs that also grace the sleeves?

A little bit of ribbon to match the buttons, and suddenly, they’re quite "the thing," don’t you think

2014-11-24 09.56.36

It looks just as good buttoned up as unbuttoned:

2014-11-24 09.57.12

Side view, no ribbons on the sleeves. I’ll decide some other time if I want to add them.

2014-11-24 09.57.22

Back view. Nothing much special, here, except I might have to undo the collar. I think the ribbed collar vertical gauge doesn’t match the back horizontal gauge (which is expected), and the collar is kind of rippling at the back. So I might undo that center seam, rip back a bit, and re-do that section, removing about 4 rows of the back collar and nudging it around until it fits.

2014-11-24 09.57.39