Pattern Selection, Knitty, Stockton, and More Shout-Outs

Picking a Pattern

One of the hardest parts of my job is selecting a pattern for each issue. It is, in fact, the impossible task, because I get some really great, creative designs, and I want to publish them all! If i could, I would print seven patterns in each issue, but the financial reality is that I can’t do that and pay anyone a decent wage (or even an indecent one!) So, I spent last week and this one going through the proposals and picking out the one that, I felt, would be best-loved by our readers. I selected a good pattern, one I think you’ll enjoy, and contacted the designer to make the arrangements.

Picking a pattern was hard enough, but then I had to turn around and write “I’m sorry, thanks but no thanks” messages to everyone who wrote a pattern and didn’t get in.

Now, I’ve been the recipient of enough rejection letters in my life to know how much it stings. It really hurts to have someone say “we don’t want your work.” I hope everyone who submitted a pattern understands how hard it was, and why I went with the pattern I chose.

But more importantly, I sincerely hope you all make the Mask Design Contest (Issue #3) and choosing a pattern for Issue #4 (Winter) even harder! Because I loved reading your proposals, loved seeing your sketches, and getting a glimpse into your creative minds. It was a wonder and a treat, and I thank every one of you for your submissions.

If you submitted to the Spring issue and haven’t received a response, please contact me so I can follow-up with you.

HKH Signing at KnitWitz in Stockton, California

I’ll be at the KnitWitz yarn shop in Stockton, California on May 1, signing comics and “talking shop.” Check back for times and details– it should be a fun time for all!

Speaking of Events

Stitches West was an absolute blast. I did two signings and met a bunch of wonderful knitters and comic book lovers. I have to practice the “get camera out” step in my comic book signing routine, because while I had a great time meeting everyone and signing your comics… I failed to get a photo with even one single person who came to the booth. Please if you ever meet me for an autograph or just for fun and you want a picture, please please please don’t feel shy about asking! I really love to have my picture taken, but I just never remember to do it!

As it turns out, an old friend of mine from “back in the day” (she was at my wedding, 10+ years ago) was at Stitches, working the Yarn Place booth where I did the signings. Here she is wearing her Flying Spaghetti Monster hat:

Adorable. As it turns out, she also recently made a small human being, who was also present at the show. Cute baby who has a fondness for pretty yarn. Who can blame him?

And I took Cat Bordhi’s sock architecture class, and got to fangirl over her for a day or so:


It was lovely, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again this summer at Sock Summit. Where I’ll be, selling copies and kits of Handknit Heroes! (see how I snuck that Event announcement in?)

World’s Longest Scarf Started!


My tagline when I autograph copies of the comic is “Knitters Save the World” and it’s true. Knitters (and crocheters, and weavers, and handcrafters in general) have a generosity that is tremendous and powerful. I signed up as the team captain for Team Handknit Heroes to participate in knitting the World’s Longest Scarf, and to raise money for Heifer International. Well, last week I took out my needles and some wool yarn and knit my 20 rows (for the $20 I’ve raised so far), and logged my entry in the official Team Handknit Heroes log book for the fundraiser:

Want to participate? Sign up at Team Handknit Heroes. When you’ve raised money and are ready to knit, request the logbook and scarf to be mailed out to you so you can add to it. You’re not obligated to use the yarn provided, but you do have to knit it in a100% natural fiber yarn. Full details are on our website, of course.

We’re also sponsoring one of the contest categories for Keep the Fleece, and 100% of the entry fees from our Mask Design Contest are donated directly to Heifer International (making them tax deductible for you).

Now on Facebook!

We now have a Handknit Heroes group on Facebook, started by the brilliant and talented Gillian Flato.

Spring Knitty!

The Spring Knitty is up and features a review of Handknit Heroes! Awesome and lovely, and I hope I’m not alone in staring longingly at shipwreck and thinking “just one more shawl….” We also had a quick, sweet shout out on the Knitty blog earlier this month.

Shout outs!

Another video, this time on 12 Seconds, with my friend (and Handknit Heroes‘ attorney) Patrick Reilly!

If you’re a Phat Fiber enthusiast, you might have had a great surprise in your February box!

And I have to give lots of props to the best one-word review I’ve read this year!