TKGA Show, Shops Outside the US, and More Shout Outs

It’s official! We’ll be in Booth #60 at the Knit and Crochet Show May 14-16 in Portland, Oregon. Lots of knitting and crochet, classes and education, knitting, vendors, crochet, and comic books! We’ll have Issues 1 and 2 available, kits for sale, and of course, you can subscribe on the spot. Events are the only time you can buy single issues directly from us without being a subscriber (subscribers will be able to purchase back issues).

I’ll also be attending Stitches West as an attendee, but I’ll be wearing ComicKnits/Handknit Heroes T-shirts all weekend, so if you see me, stop and say hi!

New Shops!

I want to welcome a couple of our new shops, in Canada and the UK! Wabi-Sabi in Ottawa is the place to go if you’re looking for a knitting comic book. And I Knit London will be carrying it on their shelves very soon!

Remember, you can find a shop carrying Handknit Heroes at the Shop Locator page.

Shout Outs

The Knitting Contest Blog posted about our Mask Design Contest.

Two Knives Katie took her RV to San Antonio last week (RV shoutout!), where she found Handknit Heroes at local yarn shop Yarnivore!

Knit One, Poet Two gave us a great shout-out/link love! Thanks!

Another forum shoutout, this time over at Creative Living.

Yea I Knit curled up with Handknit Heroes and some dishcloth knitting last week.

Fran Ortmeyer at the Clover Blog met us at the TNNA show (not CHA, sorry– we know they blend together when they’re so close!)

And somehow, I missed Rebecca’s Knit Blog’s shoutout in late January. She also shows off her lovely knitted coffee cosy.

Knit on My Cat (love the name) posted a long, thorough review of Handknit Heroes, chock full of useful, loving critique, and linking to a review from her husband, the non-knitting comic-lover. Thanks for the great reviews, both of you– it’s wonderful to get a good look at the comic from different perspectives.

Thanks for all the shout-outs and linky love, folks!