Shout Outs

We have a bunch of shout-outs that came in from the blogs and podcasts over the weekend!

First, Lime n Violet reviewed us in their nice long podcast last week! We’re in Episode #79, and the review is around 1 hour 22 minutes into the show. What an honor! What fun! Now you both have to read it– you’ll love it, I’m sure! Everyone else should check out the podcast, too– there’s a lot of fun in the show, and if you put a knitting project in your hands while you listen, you can imagine yourself at a stitch n’ bitch, listening to some of the funnier, sassier members of the knitting group relating their stories.

A Mano Yarn Center did a lovely write-up with more photos from the event I did last week!

One of our Sneak Peek participants, Lustrous Owl, gave us a nice review in her blog!

Ooo Shiny put a review up on the blog. The critiques: too short (I agree), and the pattern is easy. Well, that’s valid, too– the pattern is for beginning knitters. While I love knitting fiendishly difficult projects (I knit lace without a lifeline), I also think of new-to-knitting friends who want to knit, but need something between the Garter Stitch Scarf and intricate mosaic colorwork to really get them excited.

My friend Lynn gave me a shout out on her LiveJournal. Thanks, Lynn!

Another shoutout, from Knitting Passion. Hey, Barbara– there’s a shop in Fairbanks that carries the comic. Check it out if you ever get into town!

And the buzz made it into discussion forums! A rare sighting over at the City of Heroes forum, and a mention in the Yarn in Tights group on Ravelry (members-only site).

Thanks everyone!

And remember, if you post to your blog or find a mention, feel free to send it in, or post a comment here!

Also, if you start knitting the POW! Hooded Scarf, let me know. I’d LOVE to see pictures of your project! One of my friends, a new knitter, did her swatch yesterday during the Superbowl, and is ready to cast on for the whole scarf. She’s knitting it in a lovely single-ply wool with shades of blue and brown– it’s gorgeous and the first time I’ll have seen this scarf in a variegated yarn.