Knitters Save the World, Submissions Still Open

In case you don’t know, Keep the Fleece is part of the International Year of Natural Fibres to promote natural fiber use and raise money for Heifer International.

Handknit Heroes is about knitting superheroes who save the world.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

We’re making Keep the Fleece the focus of our charitable efforts this year. As a result, proceeds from our Mask Design Contest will go to benefit the Heifer Project as a team donation for the World’s Longest Scarf. We’re also sponsoring one of the KTF contest categories, and we’re participating in the Worlds Longest Scarf project. We’re inviting you to join our super-heroic team of scarf-creators! Check out the charity page for details and information on how to join our team!

Summer Submissions Still Open

Here’s another way to get in the Handknit Heroes team! We’re still looking for a great pattern for our Summer issue. The deadline for a design proposal is Friday, February 27th, with a final submitted pattern deadline of March 20. Check our guidelines for more details and information.