Ack! It’s on FIRE!

We had a minor incident the other night.

I decided to make quick-brownies in the microwave. These are brownies that you spoon out a single amount of mix and batter it up in a single cup and put it in the microwave to cook. They’re a little spongy, but for a quick chocolate fix, they can’t be beat.

For some reason, when I asked my brain “how long do these cook” my brain answered “5 minutes!” It should have said “I dunno– I don’t remember numbers very well. Why don’t you read the instructions?”

I put them in the microwave for 5 minutes. And walked back to the bedroom to pick up my knitting.


We learned a few important things:

1) Brownies take 1 minute in the microwave (individual brownies do anyway).

2) Brownies can, in fact, catch on fire.

3) Our smoke detector does not work.

4) Even as I yell “something’s on FIRE!” my hands will still be whipping yarn around needles trying to finish the row until they catch up with my brain.

Nobody was hurt. Nothing was even really damaged except the brownies, possibly the silicone cups they were in, and maybe the plate they were on. The whole RV smells like smoke, though. And we got a new smoke detector yesterday. I put a label on the new one (as John did jokingly with the old one) that says “Steph’s Cooking Alert.”