My MacBook Pro is a lemon

I’ve replaced the DVD drive, the battery, and the operating system. On Wednesday, in the midst of Las Vegas’ freak storm, my hard drive started to click like a ticking bomb. Except, ironically, the clicking meant the bomb had gone off.

The hard drive is toast and the computer is at Apple being replaced. Worse, I knew this was going to happen– I’ve been having unexplained hard drive problems for about a year, but at no time when I took it in for the DVD drive or the battery problems did Apple’s geniuses do anything substantive to fix it (even though I said at the time “and I have a current backup.”) I’m not really blaming them, though– I should have done the hard drive replacement months ago. I was waiting until I’d finished the layout on the comic book and had sent it to the printer. I hate having these kinds of tech interruptions and changes in the middle of a production project.

My backup is 12 days old, but almost everything except sent mail is either on a server somewhere, or replaceable. The loss of my screenplay might be a blow, though– I thought I’d been backing it up every day I worked on it, but it turns out that’s not the case.

Anyway, on the one hand, this culminates months of frustration with my computer. On the other hand, it may also inaugurate further frustration, as, after all, this might not even solve the problems, either.

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