Sketchbook Sámara

The following sketches are from our trip to Costa Rica earlier this month. I brought with me a couple of small Moleskine cahier notebooks– one was my Spanish word book (where I copy all the words I know in Spanish), and the other was for sketching. I also brought along three blank postcards by Winsor & Newton. The small Moleskine notebooks are great for when you want a small purpose-dedicated notebook to use for special projects.

I used a permanent black pen (one of the sketchbook pages uses blue pen, but it wasn’t permanent enough) and Prismacolor watercolor pencils. I learned this technique at the art class in Yosemite last year.

This is the postcard I sent to Grandma:


This is the one for Mom:


And these are the sketches from my book, in the order in which I sketched them: