Irony: Stephanie writes for Toddler Travel site

I’ve been working on another travel writing piece, this one for ToddlerTravelGuide, and it went live today: Kennedy Space Center with Toddlers.

The irony, of course, is that I don’t have a toddler, never have, and never will. Nonetheless, observant writers can, in fact, write for markets outside their realm of expertise. I will not pretend that this is as great a piece as the one on the same site for Disney World. That one is full of awesome, because it tells parents what they really want to know: where are the bathrooms with the shortest lines, and where can I take the kid so he or she won’t be so over-stimulated that they can’t nap?

Nonetheless, I tried in my own way to introduce families to the Kennedy Space Center in a way that will be fun for them visiting, and I was pretty careful about checking to make sure what I’d written and remembered were true. At one point, long after we had left, I couldn’t remember how many quiet benches there were. I pulled out my many photos and saw that there are, in fact, benches and picnic tables strewn throughout the complex.

The article is also useful for people who don’t have small kids to plan a weekend excursion to visit this spaceport.