January 2008: Book Reviews


Another Stephanie Plum mystery novel. This time, Stephanie quits her job, but the job won’t quit her.


A sardonic look at the Social Security system. Buckley is a political satirist, so the story comes off as over-the-top sometimes. There’s a lot of humor in this one, though, and the audiobook is read by Janeane Garofalo, which gave it a great bite.


I seriously, seriously, seriously don’t get it. One of my friends loaned this book to me, telling me it would completely change how I read Jane Eyre. Um. No. Maybe if the story had been coherent enough, it would have changed how I read Jane Eyre, but since it was that awful, flowy, not-quite-said, overly dramatic style that drives me nuts.


A book of knitting for plus-sized beautiful women. As the intro says, these patterns won’t make you look skinny, but they will make you look good. Lots of great advice. I’d say that this book and Figure it Out by Geri Brin, Tish Jett are my two “must reads” recommendations for the sized-16+ crowd.


Another wonderful Stephanie Plum adventure. In this one, danger lurks close to Ranger’s home, and Vinnie’s crew gets a new team member.


A history book about the Regency era. This was very readable and enjoyable. The author is a natural storyteller who didn’t skimp on details or primary sources, but who also told the story of the Regency very well.


More love for the Bastion club, of course, and for Stephanie Laurens.