I even dream in knit

When the cat allows me to sleep at night (like last night, but not the night before), I often have vivid and weird dreams.

Last night’s dream was about the new Harmony wood needles I recently ordered from Knit Picks. I dreamed I picked them up at the RV park office and was holding them in my hands. I dreamed that the gal at the desk was very appreciating of the needles. I dreamed… about knitting needles.

I am such a nerd.

I finished the second zombie doll yesterday.

I hadn’t planned on the boy zombie being an old man, but decided he looked “right” bald. Plus, how often do you get to have a bald doll? Really!

I’ll post later today separately about the Going to Maui walk, with instructions for signing up, and a link to my spreadsheet for tracking your progress.