Cell Phones

We are, again, in an area with no cell phone coverage. I’m forwarding my calls to Skype at the moment, so if you need to reach me and you’re on Skype, use that.

We’re looking into satellite phones, because this thing of being able to receive phone calls once a week is bullshit. Also, I upgraded my phone to a quad-band Motorola KRZR, because it’s cute, small, and quad band. It took me an hour of being on hold with AT&T before I completed my order online. I just hope I did it right– they are not very clear about the upgrade-your-phone process, and I’m hoping that I didn’t just sign up for two phone lines. If I did, at least I have 30 days to cancel one of them.

I also had to falsify some of my personal information, because AT&T does not have service in Sioux Falls. So apparently they’re not allowed to sell service there. Whatever.

John and I went into town yesterday– much closer than “town” was last time we were in the mountains! [Close enough that the pizza delivery comes to the campground!] We had lunch at the oldest continuously-operating saloon in California. Nifty! This is definitely gold country; our campground even has a pan-for-gold feature, in addition to the petting zoo and swimming pool.

I’ve been reading a lot, knitting, and working the past week or so. It’s not a bad life.

I’ll let John blog about the exercise regimen he’s trying to initiate.