Twitter Updates for 2007-05-04

  • @hpbatman7 I think of you every time I slide a frozen one into my mouth and bite down. #
  • @spin I had no idea what “targetted” meant in context, so I was thinking targeted advertising, not targeted for litigation. #
  • @elance That’s from Gypsy! It’s a musical and movie about burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee! #
  • What’s yakback? #
  • @ruperthowe I’m listening to your story, but I cannot see the controller at all– it gets adblocked and I can’t even unblock it. #
  • @ruperthowe Yep. Still listening. Can’t see the control, can’t seem to click and talk either. Ah, well. Is it voyeurism if it’s audio-only? #
  • @Davidhowell Nope. #
  • Yes! I figured out how to do that now. Thanks! When Verdi’s story is finished, I’ll pop my voice in. #

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