Remote Buddy: Nifty!

With my MacBook Pro, I got an Apple Remote. I didn’t order it separately– it came with it, but it’s very handy to have, because I do a lot of presentations and public speaking gigs, and having a remote is good to have. Unfortunately, Front Row, the Apple software that talks to the remote, doesn’t include any support for PowerPoint– it can run the controls for iTunes, iPhoto, and DVD Player, but is fairly limited. Yes, I realize that Apple makes their own presentation program, Keynote, but I work in the real world, where everyone uses PowerPoint.

So, what to do?

Enter Remote Buddy. About fifteen seconds after installing it, I realized it was what I needed. It is easy to use. You just click the Menu button to open the programs you need to control. There are more control options as well, not just for PowerPoint, but any program. You can use it to remotely work your web browser.

In addition to being a boon for people like me who wanted some kind of remote control for their Mac, I have to think that this program is a godsend to Mac users with mobility disabilities, and anyone with carpal tunnel/mouse issues.

Buying a license was about $13 US (it’s 10 Euros). Much love. This is not unlike finding the script that warns me when I’m sending an email without an attachment– such a simple thing, yet so important for looking more professional.

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