Some notes on videoblogging for Windows users

I want to share with you an interesting bit of knowledge about Windows Vista. The base Vista versions, Vista Home Basic and Vista Business, do not come with Windows Movie Maker. This is important if you’re a videoblogger who hasn’t shelled out $300 for professional video editing software, or if you’re following the instructions in Videoblogging for Dummies and elsewhere.

If you upgrade to Windows Vista and you want Windows Movie Maker, you need to get Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate.

Ok? Are we clear? Good.

This is, to my mind, not such a great choice on the part of Microsoft. In today’s world, Windows Business should have video editing software. It makes sense. How else do you want people to edit short videos to plunk into PowerPoint presentations, or to post into their Help files? Obviously, this decision gives another “win” to Apple. Not because iMovie is free (it’s not), but because QuickTime Pro, while a bit clunky to use as an editor, is only $30, and is available for both Windows and Macintosh users.

And a bonus:
From LifeHacker, Alpha Geek: Video Editing 101: by Rick Broida discusses how to edit video in Windows.