The Final Retrospective

“The Final Retrospective” was originally published on the Scrum Alliance website on March 7, 2017.


Absolutely gutted.

That’s how I felt when my manager told me the contract had fallen through and we were out of a job in a week. It wasn’t personal or performance based — defense contracts don’t always make sense.

I still felt gutted, and I know our manager did, too. Despondent, he said, “Let’s cancel the standups next week — there’s no point.”

“I disagree,” I said. “Let’s hold the meetings anyway. It can’t hurt to give people some space to talk. We don’t need to do the planning meeting, but we should have the review and retrospectives.”

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Business Travel Packing Retrospective

Not packing light, here!I spent the last 4 days in San Diego at the Global Scrum Gathering. Today, I’m going to do a “travel packing retrospective” in which I list what I brought in my “one bag,” with everything I didn’t use crossed out.

This post is a “Personal Scrum” and serves as part of my “trip retrospective,” in which I look back at one element of the trip (my packing and luggage) and decide what I will change for the next time.

In this particular part of my life, I’ve been iterating my travel packing list for a while, but every trip seems to have its own set of needs. This particular packing list, however, is for short, professional-oriented journeys, roughly 2-4 days, in weather that does not require wool socks and winter coats.

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