About Stephanie, Agile Coach and Scrum Master

I help remote teams in SAAS organizations reduce friction and improve productivity and satisfaction through cohortative coaching, training, and troubleshooting.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Bryant, an Agile coach, consultant, and Jira administrator for remote teams.

My entrepreneurial spirit has led me on some exciting adventures, from writing books to traveling all over the U.S., to creating a role playing game and numerous published adventures and campaigns. 

I believe work should be exciting, challenging, rewarding, and with as few frustrations as possible.

A few career highlights:

  • As Scrum Master and Agile Coach for Roll20, guided the company to adopt agile practices and mindset as it grew from one small development team into 6 fully cross-functional teams, with over 60 employees.
  • Trained the entire Roll20 organization in the Scrum Foundations, using interactive active learning principles
  • Delivered multiple talks on agile topics at Roll20 and at user groups
  • Led a startup team to fully adopt Scrum for team organization and communication, resulting in fewer defects, greater productivity, and more satisfied stakeholders.
  • Working for a defense contractor, guided a 100% remote team to adopt scrum practices and work more effectively and efficiently with the Navy product owner.
  • Taught 5 writing classes to college Freshmen.
  • Taught multiple online classes to adult learners.
  • Wrote numerous computer books, including Videoblogging for Dummies.
  • Public speaker on several topics, including videoblogging, technical writing, humor, and games.
  • Wrote, published, marketed, and distributed Handknit Heroes, a comic book for knitters.
  • Wrote Threadbare RPG, and raised $11,900 on Kickstarter to publish it (350% of initial goal, funded in 1 day).
  • Published designer of knitting and crochet patterns.

You can find me on LinkedIn.