8 thoughts on “Chuubo’s as an erotic fantasy quest story game.

  1. Mostly thought-noodling about Chuubo’s as applied to various types of story, and how one might approach it.

    Obviously, there are some quests that would be right out. Like raising a small child– not gonna play that with Erotic Chuubo’s, even if “finding time to sex when you have a small child” is, in and of itself, a quest-level narrative.

    “Outside” would need to be defined pretty well, since it would be easy for it to become either “X-card territory” or “this is where you find your darkest kinks.” Personally, I think the second one would play better, but the first would be where “that guy” would probably take it.

    But of course, one would not play Erotic Chuubo’s with “that guy.” Because the very first thing anyone would say if I said “I have this erotic RPG story game” would be “ok, but let’s curate the player list veeeery carefully.”

  2. Thinking arcs. Aspect arcs could be quite entertaining. Aspect (Amazing Lover) could be the story of wanting to improve your abilities at the sexings. Like for quest 1, maybe you’ve got some performance anxiety and so you undergo some Mental Training in order to work past it, or maybe your sex life has gotten boring and so you’re working through your Stale Life.

    After that, well sex things are often very much about connection, so maybe that’s what you need, to find Connection With Someone.

    While you’re forming your connection with this person, you get a great idea, something that really could help finish your thrust towards being an Amazing Lover: organize a massive play party! Preparing For The Festival would be a lovely way to finish that arc out!

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