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December 2015 Books and Games


#31: Act of God by Jill Ciment (f)

#32: Out of Sorts  by Aurelie Valognes (f)

#33: The Grinding by Matt Dinniman (m) – I really liked Dinniman’s book The Shivered Sky, but I was disappointed in The Grinding. As a second book (they are not a series), it’s good enough, but it just didn’t blow me away. It actually reminded me a bit of Ryan States’ book I read earlier this year. Oh, and there was more casual misogyny and transphobia than I was personally comfortable with.



#88: Mint Tin Apocalypse (2 player, <30 min)

#89: Pass the Pigs (2 player, <30 min)


How did I do in 2015?

I read 35 books (miscounted somewhere along the way…).

Non-male authors: 17

Male authors: 18


I found it difficult to find books by women, especially books by women that were not young adult, fantasy, “urban fantasy,” romance, or chick-lit. Mainstream fiction was very scarce and what I did find was poorly written. Horror was hard to find, and usually involved some kind of infection/contagion horror (Parasite and Act of God, for example). Female authors were just as bad at coming up with non-rapey backstories as male authors.


How did I do with #51in15?

I find that I keep coming back to the same games and designers. For example, I like what Ewen Cluny and Brent Newhall make. I like Josh Jordan’s games. I play a lot of Tanto Cuore and a lot of short casual games like Pass the Pigs (these are usually while waiting for something else to happen.) I found it challenging to find/play games by women– it’s also harder to find the designer credits on some games.


#1: Pass the Pigs (<30 minute, 2 players)

#2: 13th Age (5 players, rpg)

#3: Night’s Black Agents (5 players, rpg)

#4: Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation (2 players)

#5: Mice and Mystics (4 players)

#6: Epyllion (4 players, rpg, f)

#7: Dungeon World (5 players, rpg)

#8: Summer Song (playtest) by Josh Jordan (2 players)

#9: The Whispering Road by Brent Newhall (2 players)

#10: Red November (3 players)

#11: Tanto Cuore (3 players, <30 minutes)

#12: Dungeon World: Dragon Slaying (9 players, con game)

#13: Loonacy (2 players, <30 minutes)

#14: Best Friends (4 players, con game, Games on Demand)

#15: FATE: Mecha vs. Kaiju (5 players, con game)

#16: Night’s Black Agents (6 players, con game, Horse in the Race)

#18: Spirit of 77 (6 players, con game)

#19: Epyllion one-shot (6 players, online game, female-written game)

#20: Dungeon World in Dragonia (4 players)

#21: Dungeon World one shot (6 players)

#22: Tanto Cuore, full set (4 players): Played Tanto Cuore with the base set, Expanding the House, and Romantic Vacation expansions. It went to the mid-late game pretty quickly. I think if I were going to adapt it for a longer game, maybe adding 2 stacks of maids and making the finish condition be 3 maid stacks depleted instead of 2.

#23: Love Letter (4 players)

#24: Monster of the Week (5 players, new campaign)

#25: Love Letter (3 players)

#26: Guess the Mess (6 players)

#27: Golden Sky Stories (7 players)

#28: Pandemic (2 player)

#29: Dungeon World (5 players)

#30: Monster of the Week (5 players, all – female game)

#31: Risk (3 players)

#32: Time Quest (5 players, female designer, horse in the race) – playtest of my time travel hack for Goblin Quest.

#33: First Date (2 players) – playtest of a 2-player game about first dates

#34: Escape Pod One Launching (3 players, female designer, horse in the race) – playtest of my 200-word game for the 200-Word Challenge.

#35: Pass the Pigs (2-player, <5 minutes)

#36: Doll (2-player, <5 minutes)

#37: Carcassonne (2 player)

#38: Night’s Black Agents (5 player)

#39: Ashen Stars (4 player)

#40: Trail of Cthulhu (4 player)

#41: Microscope (2 player)

#42: Tanto Cuore (4 player)

#43: Love Letter (4 player)

#44: Perpetual Motion Machine (2 player)

#45: Fall of Magic (3 player)

#46: Love Letter (2 player, <30 minutes)

#47: Fate Accelerated (3 player)

#48: Spirit of 77 (8 player)

#49: Community Radio (5 player)

#50: Community Radio (4 players)

#51: Passport (2 players, horse in the race, 50% female designed)

#52: Love Letter Batman edition (2 player, <30 minutes)

#53: Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf (5 player, 2 hours)

#54: Ashen Stars (5 players, new campaign)

#55: 13th Age (5 players, new campaign)

#56: Whispering Road (2 players)

#57: Spirit of 77 (4 players)

#58: Batman Love Letter (4 player, 2 hours)

#64: Love Letter

#65: Cthulhu Live (played twice over Gen Con weekend– once in July, once in August)

#66: Magical Fury

#67: Red November

#68: Ssh!

#69: Love Letter

#70: Roll for the Galaxy

#71: Incredible Expeditions (5 players)

#72: Trail of Cthulhu (4 players)

#73: Spirit of 77 (5 players)

#74: Fate Accelerated (3 players)

#75: Fate (3 players, new campaign, character creation)

#76: Our Last Best Hope (5 players, all female game)

#77: Monster Under the Bed (2 player, female designer, horse in the race… this is the card game I’m working on)

#78: Threadbare

#79: Family Band

#80: Crazy 8s

#81: Clock Work Gnomes

#82: Bluebeard’s Bride

#83: Amazing Stick

#84: Chinese Menu

#85: Mythic Mortals

#86: Mythic Mortals (different game)

#87: Fall of Magic

#88: Batman Love Letter

#89: Restless

#90: Mint Tin Apocalypse (2 player, <30 min)

#91: Pass the Pigs (2 player, <30 min)

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