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GenCon 2015: Schedule and Stuff

I’m going to Gen Con this week! If you’re going and want to meet up, here’s what you should know about where I’m planning to be! There are some tips in here about social awkwardness and such; if you are socially awkward or anxious, here’s the user manual to interacting with me.

My hair is currently blonde and medium-length. I am short– 5’1" when I stretch– so you will not spot me easily in a crowd. I’m also loud, however, so you might hear me before you see me. This is me:


My typical "uniform" is shorts or jean-shorts, tennis shoes (purple with orange laces), a geeky t-shirt, and glasses. I don’t plan to do anything fancy with my hair except on Saturday, when I have a larp to doll up for.

Safe Spaces: I will have an #Illgowithyou button on my badge holder. If you are a transwoman and want a safe bathroom buddy, tag me. If I’m running a game and can’t be interrupted, I will try to remember to take the button off.

Physical Contact: I like hugs! And handshakes! Generally, I do not mind being touched in platonic ways (no boob grabs!) If you touch me and I do not like it, I will tell you. I’m 40 years old– I’m too old to put up with bullshit. If I told you previously I’m not interested, consider yourself pre-told for this year, too.

Caveats: I don’t like hugs if you are sweaty, smelly, or sick. If you have a cold, please be kind and stick to a friendly wave. If you awkwardly mutter "I have a cold" when I hold out my hand, I promise you that I will find that the most socially-acceptable and respectful thing ever!

My schedule:

Wednesday: I arrive in the afternoon and will head over to the convention center in the early evening to pick up my badge and drop in on the IGDN Social at Loughmiller’s at 6ish. I am not sure yet what shirt I’ll be wearing.

Thursday: Thursday is seminars and Contessa day! I start with seminars at Crowne at 9 AM and 11 AM till noon, then have a 4-hour break until the ConTessa system design panel at 4. I’ll be wearing either my yellow Pelgrane GM t-shirt, or the ConTessa t-shirt (depending on when I manage to pick it up). I’ll be hitting the vendor hall during that break, because it’s my biggest chance to see the cool stuff and say hello to some folks. Thursday night, I will be at the ConTessa game night starting at 6 PM. I’m running Timewatch from 6-10 PM, which you know will be completely awesome! Afterwards, I’m going to a private after-party with the ConTessa folks.

Friday: Playing Witch from 9 AM until 1, then a 2-hour break for lunch and resting. "Rest" in this case means vendor hall at the busiest time of the day, but whatever. I have back-to-back games from 3 until 11 PM. One of my games is Whispering Road with Brent Newhall, and the other is the Cthulhu Live LARP Monsters Ball– I’m looking forward to both so much! Attire (except in the larp) will be my pink rainbow d20 t-shirt that Josh Roby designed.

Saturday: I’ll be rocking a blue Double Exposure Herald t-shirt, because I’m kicking off the morning with a meet-and-greet at Shula’s steak house at 10 AM. If you’re a Herald or a publisher and want to come, you should have an email with instructions (we need a rough head count for the restaurant/reservation). From noon to 5, I’m in another Cthulhu Live game, followed by my stint at Games on Demand at 6 PM (I’m running "games in which you can only play female characters)! I’m hoping to be awake and lively enough to hit the Beach Bash Dance at night– since I’ll have a dress with me for the LARP, it seems like a waste not to put my boogie shoes on!

Sunday: Last day of the convention starts with a hands-on chainmail demo at 9 AM. I don’t have anything scheduled yet, so I’m available and possibly interested in an off-book game or Games on Demand in the afternoon. This is also my last swing through the vendor hall.

Monday: I leave at the butt-crack of dawn, which gets me home in time to sleep and recover for the entire day. I plan on sleeping, reading, and binge-watching silly TV shows. On Monday, I will only be available to family members.

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