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Explosions and Escapes

On Thursday, my gaming group got together for a Very Special Episode of gaming.

We played Explosions and Escapes, a quick-and-dirty RPG for playing action heroes. Very quickly in the game, I looked down and saw “the top” was waaaaay below us. The game devolved quickly into some silliness, as our sidekick (played by LeeAnn) went with a ducky motif, throwing duck-shaped grenades and eventually crafting a duck-shaped space ship to launch us up to destroy Fidel Castro on the space station.

I played a highly-effective PR representative for McLain Superbad, an over-the-top badass action hero. McLain was played by Krissy, whose birthday was last week and who was a guest player. The game was partly her birthday present, and I was really glad to glance over several times and see her with a huge grin on her face while she thought of the next most awesome way to beat some bad guys and defeat Castro.

We had 2 additional guests– Joe and Justin– who played martial arts sciency guys.

Overall, the night was full of hilarious jokes, bizarre acts of silliness, stunts that were so implausible, it would make Michael Bay even cry. The GM (Brian) never said “no, you can’t do that,” but rather heightened all the drama by closing all the scenes by answering “what would make this more complicated and fun?”

It was a great night of gaming, and it was beautiful to see Brian as a GM. He has a knack for improvisational storytelling, and I look forward to our upcoming Fate mini-campaign (3 weeks in November).

We’re off this week for Halloween, so I’m prepping an online playtest of a game developed by Nathan Paoletta.

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