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Socks and Double-Pointed Needles (DPNs)


Yes, my friends, the mitered square “Smoking Hot Socks” in Panda Superwash are done! I finished them on Monday night, after an amazing Sock Summit, and they’re all done!

Some closeups:

IMG_2965.JPG IMG_2964.JPG  

Pretty cool, eh? These were definitely fun to knit, a little challenging, but oh, so worth it!

Shameless Plug: Remember, if you want your own pair of handmade socks, a $100 donation to Michelle’s Team in Training page will result in me knitting you a pair! Come on, people– make me knit! I dare ya!

On Tuesday, I started crocheting a pair of socks, my first ones in crochet:


I’ve determined that these are turning out to be too large for my feet, but they fit John perfectly, so he will have crocheted slipper-socks to wear around the house.

And this morning I cast on a baby sock to try out the new Laurel Hill DPN needles I bought at Sock Summit:


These are size 1 (2.0 mm) DPNs, about 5″ long. They have Laurel Hill and the size printed on them. These are made of Forest Palmwood and came with 6 needles to the set. They are a little bendy, but not too bad– less than bamboo needles, much less than the Brittanys, and more than my Knit Picks Harmony needles (which are strips of wood resin-laminated, which gives them strength in one direction, not as much in others). And obviously, they are more flexible than nickel or aluminum ones. They are nice and sharp– as in, be careful not to stab yourself in the hand with these! Not as hazardous as Signature Stilettos, but only because they’re made of wood. If you like the Knit Picks, you will love these. I think bamboo needle lovers will also like these, but that’s me– I went from bamboo needles to wooden ones and am very satisfied.

They’re a little pricey for DPNs, at $16 for a set of 6, but I’m willing to pay for good tools that work well and feel good in my hands.

Laurel Hill also makes an incredibly wonderful and affordable wooden crochet hook that, if you crochet, you Must Have. In fact, I blame some of my lukewarm-ness over the crocheted sock to the fact that they don’t make a wooden hook in a size smaller than a D.

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