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I dreamed I pulled off a huge heist, like $90 billion, from the federal reserve (I know, that’s chump change to the feds). In the course of the heist, I got caught, and was shot some 80 times by one of my partners in crime (the inside woman). She died of her injuries (you think I didn’t shoot back?) but I didn’t, and it was discovered that I was “unbreakable” (a la the Bruce Willis movie). In my court case, I pleaded that, since I had superpowers, I should be allowed to use them for good, not evil, and had I known about them, I’m sure I would never have pulled off the heist.

Later, I dreamed we were trying to put a couple of large motorhome/buses into the back field at my mom’s place, and one of them was a bus being towed by a strap which tipped over and landed on its side, breaking all the windows.

I also dreamed that Kirei was totalled, and we needed to get a free replacement. I kept wondering why were bothering, since we didn’t even need or own the car anymore.

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