A Social Experiment

So we’re eating pizza in the local joint here and find ourselves at a table with a view — of the local grocery store. I say, “Hey, let’s count how many people are buying alcohol and how many are buying groceries.” First a description of the store is in order: This is an obviously family market, with fresh fruits and vegetable stands out front, and no alcohol advertising of any kind in the window. It’s Thursday about 6:30 – 7:00PM. The rules: If they have mostly alcohol, it’s an alcohol purchase. (I think the only guy who had both, as far as we could tell, had limes.) So we count them as they come out, giving them such names as “The Rock Climbers”, “The Underage Kids and their of-age friend”, “Ugly Green Sweater Lady”. At least 3 people went in wearing pajamas (recall it’s 7PM). One group of 3 ladies made much ado about buying just a carton of milk and a 6-pack of Coke. Anyway, the final score: 12 buying alcohol vs. 10 buying groceries! But the grand prize goes to this one fellow. He drove up in a car with frontal damage such that one headlamp was dangling by its own wiring. Stephanie says, “I bet he’s on the A[lcohol]-Team.” Sure enough he comes out with 2 cases of the cheapest beer they had. Then he abruptly puts them down in the middle of the handicap parking spot and runs around the building to pee just out of my sight, but probably not to many of the other restaurant patrons. Then he comes back and puts the cases in his trunk, grabbing 2 cans to take up front “for the road”! Unfrickin’ believable! Can you imagine what Friday night is like?

BTW, I did a 3-day hike to Little Yosemite and Half Dome last week. I have video of some of the highlights which I will post as soon as they are edited.

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  1. This surprises you? Mountain communities have one pastime: drinking. That is, at least, until they become yuppified. Truckee used to be like this, but too many people moved there. This is why I’ve given up on my idea on moving to the mountains (except for Truckee).

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