Le Weekend

Whew! What a wonderfully busy weekend!

On Saturday, John and I went to the 49er Festival and Chili Cook-Off (no pictures because I am a dork). John ate lots of chili. I spent lots of money. 😉 But really, we just had a nice time.

Then yesterday, we went up to Yosemite to do a couple of day hikes. We meandered around with little aim other than to go out to various areas of Yosemite, kind of a “taster sampler” plan.

I did remember to bust out the camera once or twice. This is my favorite picture of Johnny that I took this weekend:

Thanks to this weekend’s excursions, I’m 28 miles into my walk to Hawaii. Thanks to a comment on a friend’s post, I’ve found the America on the Move website, and have created a group there– leave a comment if you want an invitation to the group! Registration is free (create a Full Access account).

Also, I have been inspired by this photo, and want to either dye some yarn in the colorway I see right there at the water’s edge, the blend of blue, tan, and aqua, or buy some and knit a pair of socks or something. I think it’s pretty.

In the knitting front, I’ve nearly finished both Zombies– I’m just putting the hair on the boy zombie. Then pictures, and mailing them out. I’m also still working on the Desert Flower socks, but it’s difficult when one continually stops to admire the yarn. This is the hazard with working with pretty yarn….


On September 24th, I am giving a talk at the San Gabriel Chapter of the STC, so we need to be in the LA area by then.

From there, we go to Las Vegas (September 27-29), then Sedona, AZ (October 1-9, with a talk at the Phoenix STC on the 9th), then Albuquerque (October 10-15, with a talk at the Kahina chapter on the 11th). After that, it’s up to Colorado, across to Kansas City, then down to New Orleans for LavaCon. Yes, that means we will be in New Orleans for Halloween! Woo!