About Stephanie, Agile Coach and Scrum Master

Stephanie Bryant, Agile coach and Scrum MasterHi, I’m Stephanie Bryant, an Agile coach and Certified Scrum Master with a 2-decade background in
technical communication and training. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me on some exciting adventures, from writing books to traveling all over the U.S., to Kickstarting a role playing game. I love to help businesses form better teams and reduce the number of frustrations they have by promoting Agile methodologies.

I believe work should be exciting, challenging, rewarding, and with as few frustrations as possible.

A few career highlights:

  • Led a team to fully adopt Scrum for team organization and communication, resulting in fewer defects, greater productivity, and more satisfied stakeholders.
  • Taught 5 writing classes to college Freshmen.
  • Taught multiple online classes to adult learners.
  • Wrote numerous computer books, including Videoblogging for Dummies.
  • Public speaker on several topics, including videoblogging, technical writing, humor, and games.
  • Wrote, published, marketed, and distributed Handknit Heroes, a comic book for knitters.
  • Wrote Threadbare RPG, and raised $11,900 on Kickstarter to publish it (350% of initial goal, funded in 1 day).
  • Published designer of knitting and crochet patterns.

You can find her on LinkedIn.