RV Maintenance 2 – JohnnyB

So our refrigerator has been shutting itself off randomly so getting it repaired was a major priority. I found a repair shop nearby and we took the RV there yesterday. It’s inside an RV resort called “The Great Outdoors” or “TGO” for short. While the refer was being worked on, we toured the resort. It […]

RV Maintenance – JohnnyB

Ok, so the RV requires a bit more maintenance than I am willing to admit. Today [hopefully] the Mobile RV Repair guy is coming by to fix a couple not-serious-yet leaks, mount our LCD TV wall bracket, and some other tasks. Now, I’m a moderately handy guy but I do not yet fully understand the […]

Two posts from JohnnyB in the same week!

Is it because my fans are so dear to me or because I put a recurring reminder to post in my To-Do list? Last week we went to Wikiwa Springs where they have a large 72F spring divided into swimming and canoing areas. We swam and snorkeled. It was mostly chest deep except for the […]

Long Time, No Post

Hello everyone! Johnnyb, here. It’s been a while. I blame accidentally deleting my weekly reminder to make a blog entry. As you probably know by now, I rarely think to make a blog entry on my own. Anyway, where were we when I posted last? I mean, literally, *where* were we? Maybe Tennessee. In Tennessee […]

Swamp Lake 8/19 Movie

Ok, so I’m way behind in posting. I’ve been too busy having a good time I guess! Here is the movie from the 8/19 Santa Cruz 4-Wheel Drive Club run @ Swamp Lake OHV Route, near Shaver Lake, CA. Elevation on parts of the trail are over 9,000ft if I remember correctly. Click To Play