#AprilTTRPGMaker 12, 13, 14, 15

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12: How to make work inclusive? Most of my work has content warnings and safety tools embedded into it. I’ll be honest, though; I can always do better.

13. Participate in streamed games? Yes, I’ve done this. I’ve streamed my own games on YouTube and Twitch, and I’ve been a player in a streamed game. When I was a player, the focus on “the show” part of the game felt intrusive to me– the game wasn’t enjoyable, and when I challenged the GM on a ruling, I was kicked out.

14. How are your game mechanics and characters intersectional? I am not sure. In Threadbare, at least, every toy defines their own gender, and the game focuses on using bodies that don’t work the way they were designed to work.

15. Favorite tropes to subvert? My least favorite trope in fantasy is “teenagers gain immense power through puberty, save the world, find their one true love.” Like…. I was such a mess when I was a young person, this just doesn’t make any sense to me, especially the true love bit (for a number of reasons, including the very Bad Idea it is to attach yourself to someone you’ve just shared a stressful world-saving event with). As a result, I prefer to play characters who are older, have lived a life, are maybe starting their adventure in their middle aged years, and maybe even had other plans for themselves.

Also orphans. I love subverting the orphan trope.