ENnie Nomination!

One of the blogs I write for, Contessa, was nominated for a Best Blog ENnie award! The ENnies are a tabletop/RPG gaming award, which holds the ceremony at GenCon every year. It’s a huge honor to be part of something nominated for recognition! I’m proud of the work we do at Contessa, and especially proud […]

Con XP – Contessa Blog

I wrote a post for the Contessa Blog about convention-going experiences, what to expect, and how I structure my time when I’m planning and attending a con. Ideally, I’d like to stay across the street– staying at a different hotel gives me a mental and physical break from the convention, and I’m enough of an […]

Short Story from Elegy

I wrote a short story, prompted by the Elegy for a Dead World game. It’s called The Ruins of Byron’s World (super-original, I know), and you can check it out here. I also made a project group for when I add more of these stories, if you’re interested in them.

May 2015 Practice Log

(15 days, 6.5 hours previously, in April) 5/1: 10 minutes 5/2: 10 minutes 5/3: 15 minutes 5/4: 30 minutes 5/5: 45 minutes 5/6: 20 minutes 5/7: 25 minutes 5/8: 15 minutes 5/9: 15 minutes 5/10: 40 minutes 5/11: 40 minutes 5/12: 20 minutes 5/14: 45 minutes 5/15: 20 minutes   5/16: 30 minutes    5/17: 20 minutes    […]

May 2015: Books and Games

Books: #50bookchallenge #12: M.A.S.H. A Novel About Three Army Doctors, by Richard Hooker (m) #13: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley (f) Games: #51in15 #35: Pass the Pigs (2-player, <5 minutes) #36: Doll (2-player, <5 minutes) #37: Carcassonne (2 player) #38: Night’s Black Agents (5 player) #39: Ashen Stars (4 player) #40: Trail of Cthulhu (4 player) […]