It’s a New Year, it’s a New Day

I hope everyone has had a good and safe New Years celebration, and that you’re not all dragging your feet this week!

This has been an up and down week, juggling some priorities around. I had a really great day this week, the kind of day that makes you really, really happy to be where you are. I celebrated that night with dinner at the casino, and while the casino resulted in a good type of gain ($$), the dinner was heavy on the calories.

The good news is, I lost a pound of weight this week. And I did my first race of the year– a 1 mile fun run which John and I walked in 17 minutes and 45 seconds. I’m grateful that I started with Curves and Weight Watchers 2 weeks before New Years– it means I don’t have as much to learn at the same time as everyone else. It also means I have a little bit of momentum carrying me forward into 2010.

I’ve also signed up for my second race of the year– a 5K on March 13th.

Alladin was under the weather last week, so John took him to the vet. He wasn’t eating for a few days, and so we put him on an appetite stimulant which kind of kick-started his appetite again. This has happened at least once since he was ill, and we have a stash of these pills here to give him that little boost when he needs to remember that food is good to eat. He lost 1/2 lb. between Christmas and this past Wednesday– waaaay too much in that short period of time, even for a cat his size. We were lucky, though, and caught it early before it became serious.

I finished a pair of socks today, the gray ones I’ve been working on so I can wear them to work:


They’re pretty and will do very nicely on non-casual days (on casual days, I can wear my crazy-colored handknit socks).

I also finally got out with my camera to take some pictures, including this cute crocheted beret I just kind of made up while flying across the Atlantic:


And now, to make you smile, here is Barbie in a hand-knitted sweater:


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  1. The doll sweater is wonderful. Liz would love one for her doll! Your hat is almost a cute as the one you made for Lizzy- I don’t know what you call gloves minus some fingers – but they are very adorable with the matching hat! Great colors and designs!
    “Mimi” or Mom or Bonnie

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