Lost Sweater – Toronto Pearson Airport

Please be on the lookout for Stephanie’s handknit sweater. She lost it somewhere in the Toronto Pearson Airport. If you see it, please contact Stephanie to arrange for return. IF you have to turn it into lost & found, please use this claim number: LNFAC44477. This sweater is so important to her. I hope somebody finds it!
Stephanie's Handknit Sweater
Update from Stephanie (10/27/09): Please feel free to repost the information and photo to any groups that might be appropriate. I just talked to the Toronto Airport Lost and Found, and the sweater hasn’t been turned in yet. My claim number is apparently just for Air Canada, so if you find it and turn it in, please give them my name and tell them there’s already a claim on file. Or, if for some reason you’ve found it or someone who has it, you can call me on my business line at 605-413-4531. Thanks.