Joe’s Garden Shawl Spoilers

Here’s where to find the spoilers for the Joe’s Garden Shawl. First, some pictures:

Original inspiration:

Shawl on the blocking boards:
More shawl photos:

Changes to the final pattern include some changes to the outline of the central rose motif, and the addition of a non-stockinette background.

The title of this pattern is “Joe’s Garden” because the shawl depicts the rose, a garden lattice, and an edging of leaves.

Why “Joe’s” Garden?

The inspiration for Joe’s Garden comes from my second cousin, Marion Cafferky, and her husband Joe. A retired plumber, Joe is a master rose gardener-- he and Marion have won awards for their amazing roses. Joe has a tree trunk in front of his house that has been elegantly carved and painted into a rose. He adores roses, and when I asked Marion how I, with my pathetic brown thumb, could have roses as beautiful as his, she said “Have Joe grow them-- he’s amazing.”

I got to know Marion a little better last year when she served as the executor to my grandmother’s estate in Massachusetts. She is a great lady-- tough, a serious Boston Red Sox fan, and married and loyal to the same man for over 50 years. Marion is in the process of helping Joe battle brain cancer-- a battle which, sadly, he may not win. When I was there last year, in July and August, the height of the rose season, it was clear from the weeds and overgrowth that The Gardener was not at home.

I started designing Joe’s Garden last year as a gift for Marion to thank her for her help with the estate, and to honor her husband. A portion of every pattern purchase will be donated to the American Cancer Society, and the shawl I knit during the KAL will be sold, with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to the fight against cancer. If you’d like to make an additional direct donation to fight cancer, please visit the Joe’s Garden KAL donation page on