Lace Yarns

Hello, knitter-alongers! We're 2 weeks into the knit-along, and it's been very quiet-- on the Yahoo! list and here on the blog. I apologize for the quietness on this side-- I came down with a bug right about when I needed to be ramping up for the KAL, and I had to focus my energy on top priorities, like sending out the signups and invites and getting the clue into PDF format.
If you haven't received or accepted your Yahoo! invite, it's possible the invite was caught by your spam filter or somehow blocked. Not to worry, though-- you can sign up using the sign up page for whichever group you want to be in.
I'm reading through the 3000+ posts I've made on Ravelry (I had insomnia), and I came across a quick yarn review I posted some time ago about laceweight yarns I've loved.
Knit Picks Shadow, Knit Picks Bare: Both lovely and nice to knit with (same yarn, Bare is undyed), and I’ve made multiple shawls with the KP Bare. A good workhorse, and wonderful when you need a casual lace shawl yarn.
Alpaca with a Twist Fino: Really fine and a very soft resulting fabric. Will let you know how it re-knits after frogging when I get around to re-attempting a shawl with it (I’ve tried 2 so far and frogged both because I didn’t like the pattern and my gauge was way wrong,but the re-knitting went well, so I don’t think the yarn lost much in frogging/reknitting).
Jaeggerspun Zephyr: A really “tight” (taut?) yarn with a lot of strength in it. I liked the 1-skein shawl I made so much, I bought a partial cone in another color, which I'm using for the shawl I'm knitting during the KAL.
Malabrigo: lovely and soft to wear, but it’s a single, felty yarn, so it’s easy to snap. It blocked fine, but when knitting, it was pretty trivial to snap it if I wanted to. I love knitting with the yarn so much, I bought 4 skeins for another project (in another color). I still have 1 1/2 skeins left of the yarn I made into a shawl, and will knit it into something awesome… someday.
Plymouth Baby Alpaca: This is what I used to knit the prototype for this KAL. It’s a nice 2-ply with a good, solid hand. It’s a lot like knitting with the Knit Picks– like a workhorse laceweight, if such a thing exists. It also frogs and re-knits pretty well, having frogged/reknitted one section of my shawl about 8 times.
Mistralee Farms alpaca: It’s a laceweight I bought at an independent farm at MDSW. It has a little bit of a slippery feel to it, and an odd scent (not bad– like residual Eucalan). I like the yarn, but the project has been languishing for 6 months because I’m not in love with circular shawls.
Wagtail Yarns laceweight: It’s not dog hair, despite the name. It’s baby mohair, and nice and soft, without the mohair shedding, while still being froggable (can you tell frogging is a theme in my lace knitting?) I made a crocheted granny square scarf out of sample skeins (in my projects), which is one of the more stylish things I’ve ever made, for all it’s a set of granny squares.
Skacel lace: My least favorite laceweight so far. It’s too fine, and I found myself wishing it were just a little heavier– I knitted with this at the same time I was knitting with the Knit Picks, and that made a big difference in the enjoyment of the yarn.
Redfish Dyeworks: I haven't used this yarn yet, but I love it. If you're looking for some very thin yarn, or you want to be very particular about which precise parts of the color wheel you want in your shawl, this is a great resource.